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Buy & Sell — fast & fun. Sellzilla is an easy-to-use buying and selling platform where you swipe, connect and chat with people in your area on a secure platform.

  • Buy or sell with speed, security & satisfaction
  • Chat directly with buyers & sellers on the spot
  • Enjoy a reliable, secure platform
  • Use our built-in chat with sales bot
  • Exchange money with confidence (direct deposits)
  • Get help 24/7 with world-class customer support


Swipe, Connect, Buy & Sell

Fast and Easy

Use Sellzilla’s swiping system to quickly find items in your local area.

Secure Payments

Your information is safe & secure with our SSL certificates + the latest technology. Using our secure & PCI-compliant method of payment processing. You will never need to pay with cash for used goods again!

Built-in Chat

Buying? Send the seller an instant message to find out more.
Selling? Respond to your buyer easily and instantly.

24/7 Support

Get built-in 24/7 customer support directly within the app. Enjoy world-class support with our built-in system — we read & answer every message you send!

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